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Unsecured Loans With Bad Credit: How to Access Funds in 24 Hours

Written By Devi Kristanti on Saturday, July 19, 2014 | 1:02 AM

Getting your hands on the necessary funds to pay for unexpected expenses can be something of a challenge when bad credit is a factor in the equation. Not only are many traditional lenders hesitant to grant unsecured loans with bad credit quickly, they are also reluctant to take on the risk of lending to bad credit borrowers.

But there are options out there, and with the growth of the online lending market, many online lenders are offering the kind of concessions that allow borrowers with poor credit histories access to the cash they need. And with no credit checks available, the promise of a guaranteed loan approval is also very real.

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However, for the applicant, it is necessary to meet the criteria first. Then, they can look forward to getting the thumbs up on their unsecured loan application, and set about paying the bills and debts that had arrived so suddenly.

Getting Loans Fast

The idea of getting an unsecured loan with bad credit fast is a preference for every loan applicant. No one likes waiting around for a decision, and the longer the wait the greater the level of frustration that can be felt. However, a process has to exist if lenders are to protect themselves against major losses.

The best option when seeking guaranteed loan approval that is fast is the no credit check processes that remove the issue of bad credit scores completely. It means that the lenders only look at the income of the applicant when deciding whether to grant a loan or not. This can be done very quickly, with lenders confirming one way or the other within an hour of the application being submitted.

With bank details provided, it means that funds from the unsecured loan can be deposited in your account by midday the next day, so in 24 hours the cash is available to handle the expenses in question.

Unsecured Vs Secured Loans

One of the best things about approaching online lenders for a loan is that they provide more flexible options, care little about bad credit and usually require no collateral at all. This basically means that getting an unsecured loan with bad credit is no great problem at all, even if the size of the loan is $10,000.

Of course, with secured loans there is usually no great problem, even with traditional lenders, like banks. Every lender wants to feel confident that their borrowers will repay their loans on time. And if they do not, they are at least able to recoup their losses with the collateral provided. In return, they offer guaranteed loan approval and charge lower interest rates.

When it comes to unsecured loans, the higher risk factor translates to higher interest rates and lower loan limits, while approval is far from guaranteed. But the online lender offers much more to the consumer.

Advantages of the Online Lender

There are two key advantages to an online lender, both of which have already been mentioned. Firstly, getting an unsecured loan with bad credit means accessing funds within just 24 hours. This is made possible because money is electronically transferred to a bank account, and the approval process usually does not include a credit check procedure.

Secondly, practically guaranteed loan approval is possible because the criteria are more flexible than that of a regular bank, for example. There is a less strict attitude towards past mistakes, and realistic interest rates are charged.

This means that their unsecured loans are more affordable, and therefore the likelihood of approval is greater.

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