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Life's Little (And Big) Repairs And Payday Loans

Written By Devi Kristanti on Friday, July 18, 2014 | 7:30 AM

With the state of the economy in shambles right now, a broken anything can be cause for concern. Your shoe starts to talk to the people behind you, the kid's backpack has become more of a shoulder bag due to a broken strap, your favorite piece of wooden furniture is now decorated with a scratch in the middle - all of these things can lead to the unforeseen cost of replacing them. However, in many of these situations, replacement may not be necessary, as a few minutes of touch-up can be enough. This alternative can often be more time efficient, as a few minutes of repair can save you the hour or so of shopping around for a replacement product. Even more importantly, choosing to fix your broken items rather than replacing them can save you money, something we could all use more of in these trying times. More money means less stress, and fewer trips to the payday loan office.

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Clothing can often be repaired much more easily than people think. A missing button can be replaced with a few simple stitches, the flapping soles on little Johnny's shoes can be forced to remain in place with a little glue, the hole in your pocket can be mended with a piece of fabric and a hot glue gun - these repairs can be made by almost anyone. All that is needed is a couple of pieces of cloth, a needle and some thread, and a simple Google search. Of course, not all damaged articles of clothing are worthy of repair. If Johnny's tennis shoes have turned into a deformed type of sandal, it may be time to bite the bullet and opt for new ones. But with a little discretion, and a couple minutes of sewing practice, you can save money and still wear your favorite clothes without taking out an online payday loan.

The issue of when to repair larger items like furniture versus when to replace them depends on what they are being used for. If you a person of practicality, then often times furniture can be repaired quickly and cheaply. A simple scratch can be covered up either with a coat of lacquer or a scratch repair pen. Though often times the scratch will still be noticeable upon close inspection, it will not be so glaringly obvious as to distract your guests from a game of charades. Also, a wobbly table can easily be remedied with anything ranging from some paper to a piece of wood, etc. Anything that can close the gap between leg and floor will do. If the primary goal of your furniture is to show off rather than to use, then these quick fixes will not do. However, you may want to hold off on taking out a payday loan, as your best bet financially may still be to repair the furniture instead of replacing it. A good repair shop can make your table look as good as new at half the cost of a brand new one. The practicality of this option will obviously depend on the amount of damage your furniture has incurred, but a few scratches or an uneven table leg can be fixed easily and cheaply either by yourself or, if you want to eliminate all evidence of damaged goods, by a professional.

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