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It's Your Call: Get A Pre-Paid Phone And Avoid A Payday Loan

Written By Devi Kristanti on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | 8:26 AM

Many articles are written about how to avoid taking out a payday loan in cases of emergencies, listing possible alternatives for those who find themselves in an unexpected and unavoidable situation. While these articles may be beneficial for those people who find themselves in these trying circumstances, they neglect a large majority of borrowers. Studies show that about 69% of first-time borrowers use their loan to pay ongoing expenses such as bills and rent rather than on unforeseen expenses. However, if you can figure out how to reduce the cost of these ongoing bills, you can also reduce your risk of becoming just another payday loan statistic. This answer may seem both obvious and easier said than done. Yet there are a few easy and often overlooked choices that one can make in order to achieve this goal.

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One of the most expensive recurring bills that we have in modern day society is the cell phone bill. We no longer pay for the general ability to make phone calls as we did with the landlines of yesteryear. Now we pay per call, text, website, app, etc. The cost of these services quickly adds up, a thought which seldom crosses one's mind until the fear-inspiring bill shows up in the mail, looking more like a phone book than a letter. You may think that you are helpless to avoid these costs - a cell phone is just too important to live without. Unfortunately this is not too far from the truth. Cell phones have become such an integral part of today's society that getting rid of your pocket sized companion seems nearly impossible. Many people rely on cell phones not only to ensure an ongoing social life, but for work as well. A cell phone will be of particular importance for someone who works on call or in a freelance career. Additionally, cell phones have changed how we keep in touch with friends and family. In a world where news travels so quickly, we must be readily available to receive the latest information if we wish to keep up.

Although modern society has virtually made the cell phone an essential component of daily life, this does not mean that we cannot reduce its cost. A good option for those seeking to reduce monthly expenditures is to get a pre-paid cell phone. Cell phone providers often require that you subscribe to a monthly package. These packages have a set amount of minutes and text messages that you can use in a month. Many times a user will find that they are well below the usage limit at the end of the month, meaning that they are paying for minutes and texts that they are not using. Yet these same subscribers may be hesitant to drop to a lower plan for fear of going over their minutes and incurring high overage fees. With a pre-paid cell phone these worries vanish. You simply put a selected amount of minutes onto your phone and replenish them as needed. Furthermore, these minutes do not disappear at the end of every month, but stay on your pre-paid phone until you use them. This means that you pay only for what you use and no more, thereby reducing your recurring expenses, and with them the possibility of having to take a trip to the the payday loan lender.

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